Professional at-home pet sitting and dog walking


We will care for your pets as if they were our own.


Services & Pricing

Initial Consultation

For each new client we schedule an in-home consultation in order to meet you and your pet(s). During this time, we go over your pet(s) needs, routines, and other important information. There is no charge for this meeting, but if an additional meeting is requested $15 will be charged. Please print and fill out the "pet sitter's instructions" and "terms and conditions" forms prior to the meeting. We also request two (2) copies of a working house key. 


Pet Sitting Service includes

Offered for people who are going out of town and need someone to come by the house and check in on their pets throughout the days. Visits approx 25-45 minutes. Walking, interactive play, feeding, fresh water, brushing, administering medication if necessary, scoop litter box, adjust blinds, garbage/recycling bins to curb, bring in mail/newspaper, water indoor plants, more love!!!

•    Dog Sitting (25-35 minutes) — $17/visit — $16/visit if 3x/day

•    Cat Sitting (20-25 minutes) — $15/visit
•    Extended visit (40-45 minutes) — $19/visit
•    Extra Dog — $1/dog
•    Extra Cat — $1/cat (after 2)
•    Cat Charge in the home of a dog — $3/day
•    Less Than 48hrs notice — $10
•    Major Holidays — $7/visit

*Time at home may be extended when more animals are at the house.


MId-day Dog Walking

Offered for people who have long days at work and would like their pup to have a mid-day walk to stretch their legs and break up their day. The dogs love it!

Visits are approximately 20-25 minutes
*Service includes: a good solid walk, fresh water, treat if OK, love, love, and more love!!!

•    Base — $14/walk
•    Extra Dog — $1/dog
•    Give Medication — $1-2/walk
•    Last Minute Walk — $1/walk
•    Major Holidays — $7/visit

*Mid-Day Service/Rates only offered Monday—Friday afternoons.
(No mornings, evenings, or weekends)


Quick Visits — $12

Have a not so social kitty? Or have a puppy that needs a quick let out? Or just need us to grab the mail/paper and water some plants? Also great for people who need fish or reptiles fed. The visits will take no more than 10-15 minutes. Service subject to client location. Call to see if we offer this service to your area and/or time frame.

All other charges may apply if the visit takes longer than estimated.

Sleep overs

Offered for clients who wish a sitter spends the night at one's house. The sitter stays in the home for a minimum of 12 hours (7pm—7am for example). Slumber parties include evening and morning walks, feedings, and all other services included in pet sitting.

•An overnight stay — $65/night
•An additional afternoon visit — $10
•Additional dog(s) $2/night, $1/additional afternoon visit
•4+ night discount — $60/night

Dog park / Dog hike — $25 (1 hour approx.)

Have a dog park near by that we can walk to or quickly load up your pup and drive to? Adventure time = tired dog! Have friends in the neighborhood? Get together, and lets talk discounts! Or ask us, we may already know others near you. Obviously, if dogs mingle together... we all need to get along.

*Extra Dog: $2/dog (of same home)

Why, you ask?!

• Want a tired and happy dog
•Having realtor come by for a potential sale of home
• You are injured/sick at home... dog is going nuts!



All prices are for clients inside Loop 10. A $.40/mile/trip will be charged for clients outside of Loop 10.

An additional trip fee may be charged for clients 4+miles outside of the loop:

4.0 — 4.9 miles outside of loop = $1 extra/visit
5.0 — 5.9 miles outside of loop = $2 extra/visit
6.0 — 6.9 miles outside of loop = $3 extra/visit

Pet Taxi — $30/hour + $0.40/mile

Our pet taxi services can be used to transport your pets to and from grooming facilities, veterinary hospitals, or anywhere you would like! Dogs must exhibit general control while riding in a vehicle and cats must be secured in a carrier for their safety.

Additional Services

  • Old Fashioned bath (prices vary by dog size)

  • Get locked out? We can run a key to you.

  • Key pick up/drop off (please give 24-72 hours notice).

  • Run out of pet supplies? Let us get them for you.

  • Need a ride? We can help.

  • Need help with something not listed? Just ask!